My Name is Gemma and I Welcome You to My Solar and Wind Power Generating Systems Site!

I am an independent affiliate selling agent of products from a Philippines-based manufacturer and importer of solar and wind power systems and accessories and will do my best to offer you highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. All listed products are new unless stated otherwise and come with full manufacturer's warranty.

Shop here for low cost solar and wind power generating products. This store offers solar and wind power generating equipment at wholesale prices direct to the public, including solar panels, wind turbines, solar and wind turbine charge controllers, deep cycle batteries, inverters, solar cells, DIY solar panel kits, solar combiner and DC disconnect boxes, solar cable and connectors, ammeters/voltmeters etc., at lowest prices in the Philippines. Economical delivery available all over the Philippines via LBC, JRS Express, or Victory Liner, and worldwide via DHL.

I accept the following payment methods: Metro Bank deposit, Gcash, LBC, Western Union, MoneyGram, Sulit Gold, and PayPal. You can also pay using a credit card (visa, mastercard, etc.) by purchasing Sulit Gold via Sulit's BDO credit card gateway and then sending the SG to me.

You will find links further down the page to some interesting and informative articles about solar and wind power and I will be posting more articles every week, so check back here often to stay up-to-date on things!


The components needed to set up a solar powered UPS backup generator system similar to this would cost around 50,000 Pesos (about 890 Euros if you're not from the Philippines) from my Sulit store. It would provide upto 3600 watt/hr of emergency power. In other words, if you were consuming 360 watts of electricity continually the backup system would last for 8-10 hours providing the batteries were fully charged to begin with. Once installed your UPS backup system would provide you with free, clean electricity whenever it is needed.

The solar powered generator system would comprise of 2x 110 watts(peak) solar panels, 3x 100ah deep cycle batteries, 15 amp solar charge controller, 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter, 140amp DC breaker, two pole double-throw disconnect switch box, cables and connectors. The only other requirement would be an experienced electrician to install and connect the disconnect switch box to the mains power distribution box of your building.

Solar Power Design Manual

Click here to download your free copy of a helpful ebook entitled "Solar Power Questions Answered."

Click here to get the excellent "Solar Power Design Manual" by the same author as the above ebook.


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